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Visit our Store In Porto’s Downtown…

And rent an Electrical Scooter

Benjamin Couteau

“A great idea to discover Porto!”


“A completely new experience!”

Toutain F.

“Super family moment!!”

Joviale Monch

“Amazing ride in Porto!”

Monkey Rider is about urban mobility.
We are dedicated to make you experience a different way of visiting Porto: fun and eco-friendly.

Yes, we rent e-Scooters.

We keep improving and promise you’ll have a wonderful time, making this the most memorable moment of your stay in Porto.


Monkey Rider Store

We’re here!

Ride With US

Rua da Arménia, 50

Porto, Portugal

Opening Hours

9:30 - 19:00



Get in Touch

+351 937 042 374

[email protected]

Whatsapp (+351 937 042 374)